Left Hand Brewing Nitro 5 Pack Berry Blonde Ale Flamingo Dreams Beer 6 ea

Berry blonde ale. Super smooth & refreshing. Subtle berry zing in a strikingly pick pour. Good to go from the can. From our hand to yours. Pours pink.in a glass. Ale with respberries & blackcurrants added. You stand out in a crowd and only need one leg to find balance. You're not afraid to get your feet wet and you don't give a flock what others think. You embrace your inner flamingo and dare to turn your dreams into reality. You're ready for pink beer. Flamingo Dreams is a refreshing change from the ordinary with a berry burst, frisky zing, and a nitro glide that'll bring out your vibrant side. Join the flock and let's flamingle. Enjoy at 40-45 degrees F in a pug glass. Widget inside. About Left Hand Brewing Company: since 1993, Left Hand Brewing Co. has been composing a well-balanced portfolio of craft beers and is proud to be one of the most honored and recognized breweries in the United States. www.lefthandbrewing.com. Learn more about our history and what goes into the making of our year-round, seasonal and limited-time beers by visiting LeftHandBrewing.com. Visit www.LeftHandBrewing.com. Certified Independent Craft Brewers Association Please recycle. 11 IBUS 4.7% alc/vol. Alcohol by volume 4.7%. 0.564 fl oz pf alcohol. 9.4 Brewed in Colorado.