Heineken Light Beer, Premium Lager, 12 Pack

Imported. Best Tasting Light (2014 and 2013 highest rated light lager at the World Beer Championships): 2013 World Beer Championships. Tastings.com. 2014 World Beer Championships. Tastings.com. Est. 1873. The Best Tasting Light Beer: Heineken Light is one of the only light beers to use cascade hops, which is why it is so uncommonly flavorful and has won multiple awards for taste across the globe. Not only a great victory for our passionate brewmasters, but primarily a reward for you, as you get to enjoy Heineken Light's award-winning, extra-ordinary flavor. How will you enjoy this victory? With an ice-cold Heineken Light, of course. Taste it. It's well deserved. Enjoy responsibly. Please Visit: EnjoyHeinekenResponsibly.com. The original quality low in calories; low carbohydrates. Questions? Call 1888 Heineken. www.heineken.com. For Further Information Visit: http://heinenkenusa.com/brands/. Please recycle. Recyclable. Brewed and bottled by Heineken Brouwerijen B.V., Amsterdam, Holland. Product of Holland.