Goose Island Goose Honkers Ale - 6 PK

Goose Island® Goose Honkers Ale®-6 PK. This English-style bitter was inspired by our trips to English country pubs. Fruity hop aroma rich malt middle. Six 12 fl oz. bottles. We don't need to be the only beer you drink. We just want to be the best beer you drink. Chicago EST. 1988. An English-style inspired by trips overseas. "My favorite beer is the beer in my hand." John Hall, founder, Goose Island Beer Co. Goose Island Beer Company: It was 1988. John Hall was a frequent visitor to pubs throughout the English countryside. He returned home to Chicago with a taste for the pronounced hops and malty backbones of pub ales, only to find lagers and more lagers. So he quit his job and founded Goose Island Beer Company with a mission to excite America's palate by brewing diverse and distinctive ales. To this day, we remain relentless in that craft. Always with the intent to challenge and delight beer lovers. Because like you, we love discovering a great beer. Fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle. Goose Honkers Ale. Serve in a nonic pint. Enjoy responsibly. Good beer is worth sharing. English style bitter: Our English style bitter perfectly balances fruity hop aroma with a rich malt middle. Serve in a nonic pint. 4.3% alc/vol. *30 IBU rating. This beer will remain brewery fresh for 180 days after the bottled on date. Questions/comments: call 1-800-GOOSE-ME/ Please recycle. Enjoy responsibly. Questions/comments call 1-800-GOOSE-ME. Visit us online at ©2015 Goose Island Beer Co., Goose Honkers Ale® (Beer in TX).