Bass Pale Ale - 6 PK

Bass® The World's First Pale Ale. Estd 1777. Bass & Co's Pale Ale, England. In the British tradition of WM Bass & Co's. England. Trademark. The introduction of Bass Ale in 1777 was a revolution for English beer drinkers. In a world of stouts and porters, Bass Ale's light color stood apart, and pale ale soon became a beer style of its own, providing a full flavored taste that starts out with hints of caramel, but finishes strong with a light, hop bitterness. In 1875, the Bass red triangle became England's 1st registered trademark due to the widespread attempts to replicate and undermine this famous beer. Pry off. Questions/comments call: 1-888-287-2400. Originally brewed in 1777 by William Bass Brewers Limited. Burton-on-trent England. This fine pale ale has been brewed in the great British tradition using the finest two-row malted barley. Iconography: As Bass pale ale's popularity grew. Unscrupulous imitators tried to pass off inferior products as bass by copying the unique red triangle logo. In 1875, concerned for the reputation of their beloved brew, bass brewers applied for and were granted England's first registered trademark. 1-888-287-2400. ©2014 William Bass & Co's., Bass® Pale Ale.