Pump Perks offers Kessler’s customers discounts per gallon of gasoline when they purchase specific items in our store. Just sign up for the program at the service desk and receive your Pump Perks Loyalty Card today! Here’s how it works:

Purchase products identified with the Pump Perks logo and receive the per-gallon savings shown on the shelf tag. You'll find hundreds of Pump Perks items throughout Kessler's. How much can YOU save on gas?
You will receive a receipt showing the amount of rewards earned. Your total fuel discount per gallon earned at Kessler's will load to your Pump Perks card.

To redeem your Pump Perks Rewards:


At the pump, it will ask if you are a Kessler’s Pump Perk member. Answer YES and insert your Pump Perks Card. Next, insert your credit card. Watch the price per gallon roll back! Pump your gas and complete your transaction. Remember, you can only pump 15 gallons at the discounted price.


At the pump it will ask if you are a Kessler’s Pump Perk member, answer YES and insert your Pump Perks Card. Select pay inside or lift nozzle. Watch the price per gallon roll back. Pump your gas and then go inside to complete your transaction.


Q: Can I use manufacturer’s coupons on the items that are on the Pump Perks?

A: Yes, manufacturer coupons are always welcome. See our Coupon Policy.

Q: How long do I have to use my discount?

A: 30 days from date earned.

Q: Can I accumulate rewards & discounts on multiple shopping trips at Kessler’s?

A: Yes, build up as much as you can. Your earned rewards could have your cost per gallon as low as 1 dime!

Q: Do I need to use all of my rewards upon one fuel center visit?

A: Yes. You cannot save part of your discount if you don’t pump all 15 gallons. Once you begin the redemption process, at the pump, all of the discounts you have accumulated will be used at that transaction. Now its time to go back to Kessler’s to earn more pump perks!

Q: Will my Pump Perks Card be good for any grade of gas?

A: Yes, you can choose the grade of gas you prefer.

Q: How and where do I earn Pump Perks Rewards?

A: Those are earned by utilizing the Pump Perks card every time you shop and purchase qualifying items at: Kessler’s, 621 6th Ave SE, Aberdeen, SD.

Q: Can I use my Pump Perks Rewards at any gas station?

A: No, Pump Perks Rewards may only be used at Kessler’s Holiday Station Store at 702 6th Ave. SE, Aberdeen, SD.